Biriyani ! One mention of the word and all foodies get a craving which is hard to resist. Biriyani is undoubtedly one of the favorites of every Indian. Regardless of you being a vegetarian or non-vegetarian it will amuse you all that how something as simple as a mixed rice dish can prove to be this delicious. Be it a house party, a family get together or even a quick lunch with friends or colleagues, biriyani is the go-to food for us all. So if you’re up for it, MCL is here to help you with these five-pocket-friendly and delicious biriyani places.


Mirchi is just one of my favorite places when it comes to biriyani in Cuttack. the biriyani they make is not just delicious, but also so light to eat. If you are someone just like me who has to pick out kaiju, kishmish, and lavang from the biriyani to eat it, then this is just the right place for you. Their biriyani is free from all of it and not oily at all too. The best part about the place is that the biriyani is not just yummy but also the fills the tummy of two with an average price of just 350-400.

Location – Shop no: 22, J.P Market, buxibazar, Cuttack ( near Patel bakery)

Opens at 12:00 pm

Closes at 11:00 pm



If you love your Muslim friend’s biriyani more than you love them and have asked them for it a lot of times then Hashim’s is just the place for you. The biriyani they make is absolutely delicious and lip-smacking be it mutton or chicken they won’t disappoint you when it comes to biriyani. They even make mouthwatering Chinese food and chicken dishes. If you want to go for dates with your loved one who loves biriyani as much as you, then run to Hashim’s with just 500 rupees and walk out of the restaurant with a satisfied tummy and pocket!

Best part – free home delivery!

Location – CDA Sector – 9, Cuttack – 753008 (near jugal kishor park)

Open – 24 hours

Closed on Sundays


We all love fast food and sitting out there on chilled and breezy evenings and enjoying your hot and appetizing chicken biriyani with your friends or family is just the right thing to do, Isn’t it? Green chilies are famous for its biriyani rice which is brittle and enveloped with voluptuous special masalas and ingredients by the hands of their talented chef. If you are a fan of rolls, kebabs, and tandoors then its double foodgasm experience for you here! The prices range from 120 – 330 with delicious kebab and tandoor leg biriyani.

Location – 3, Bajrakbati road friends colony, sibabaazar, Cuttack, Odisha 753001. N

Opens at 11:00 AM

Closes at 10:00 PM



Hotel Royal is the oldest and the most famous one for biriyani, kebabs and tandoori in Cuttack. It is the oldest doesn’t any way affect its costumes or the quality of the biriyani that they make, it’s still as truly flavorsome and tasty as it was in the beginning. The biriyani is really yummy as it has all the masala and flavors in the correct order with the chicken/mutton just cooked and seasoned in the right way. The prices range from 500 – 1000 and trust me you would not regret it!

They even offer free home delivery on orders above 300!!

Location – Buxibaazar, Cuttack – 753001 (JP market complex near fire station)

Opens at 12:00 PM

Closes at 04:00 PM

Closed on Monday


Golden Spoon is a popularly known restaurant with great ambiance and awesome food. The starters here are yummy and the main course is yummier but what’s the yummiest is the jungle bamboo biriyani of the golden spoon, it’s that yummy that it will make you drop your spoons and lick your fingers! It also has a lot of other kinds of biriyanis which are too irresistible to resist! Check this place out this weekend just to become its regular customer. They even offer discounts for their regular customer! The prices are very reasonable, ranging from 500 – 1000 and the service they offer will make you feel special!

Location – stadium roadazar,buxibaazar, Cuttack 753008

Opens at 10:00 AM,

Closes at 9: 00 PM

These places are a must visit for anyone who loves biriyani. It can be difficult to choose which biriyani to eat and where but these places are the solution to all doubtful questions one can have. These places will definitely not disappoint any biriyani lover and you will go back with a full and satisfied belly.


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