5 New Products That Will Change Your Daily Body Care

The thing with this year is that we are no longer satisfied with the simple, the adequate. We are looking for better products, solutions that will give us the perfect hair, health and skin we have been looking for. And cosmetic technology is finally moving fast enough to catch up to our wants and needs. Rather than settling for the usual cosmetics therefore, there is a whole new world of possibilities to replace the hackneyed old oils, powders and creams.

  1. Maybelline New York Micellar Water



You know how you have to take a lot of pains to clean your make up and then go through a tedious washing process followed by a toner and then a moisturizer? Maybelline came up with a solution that does all of it at one step. The water based formula removes the make up, and also acts as a toner. The hydrating formula means you don’t have to reapply a moisturizer. Also note as it s fragrance, oil and alcohol free- it’s virtually perfect for all skin types. If there is a new age make up cleanser, this is the one


  1. Lalam’s OilPlus Hair Oil And Vitaliser

This decade is almost at its end, and what we are realizing is a simple oil, or shampoo or cream doesn’t do the trick anymore. We live in the age of more, of getting added benefits and two in one solutions. In that era then, why settle for a simple hair oil and go invest in a separate vitaliser- especially if you can both in one bottle?

Lalam HairPlus’ Root Phytotec is an advanced study of plant-technology which is used to strengthen your hair from its roots to its tips. With that, the oil combines the natural ingredients prescribed in the Braisaiya Ratnavali like amla, neem, bringharaj to act as an hair vitaliser. This two in one formula gives the added ‘plus’ to haircare and is the product your hair needs today.



  1. The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Refreshingly Purifying Shampoo

source :https://www.thebodyshop.in/fuji-green-tea-refreshingly-purifying-shampoo.html

When it comes to haircare, is there an option for a shampoo that would work for all hair types? Given the kind of pollution we are exposed to daily, a cleansing shampoo we can use everyday is an imperative part of our daily requirements. Body Shop products are essentially without any chemicals, silicones and are your best bets for daily use. Therefore a Japanese green Tea infused shampoo promises to be a revitalizing, healthy daily use shampoo-something you will need this year.


  1. Ayuvedam Fun With The Sun Powdered Sunscreen


Sunscreen is never going to go out of fashion. Especially because of the amount of chemicals and UV rays we are regularly exposed to- it is one investment we have to keep making. However, what is rapidly gaining ground is using a powdered sunscreen. The whole horror of using greasy cream based sunscreen is now over. Ayuvedam’s new powdered SPF 30 sunscreen is an affordable and effective sunscreen without the troubles of a sticky gel or cream.


  1. Nykaa Matteilicious Lip Crayon Shades

    source: https://www.indianbeautyhub.com/nykaa-matteilicious-lip-crayon/
    Every new product on the market is pushing the limits of what it can offer to us. The Nykaa lip crayons are no different. We have seen matt lipsticks before, but can they be applied with one swipe? A matt lipstick most often sits uncomfortably on our lips, and sometimes even peels off. This is where the lip crayons are different. These sticks come in the most exquisite shades and their colour formula is on point- giving you the deepest, smoothest matt lipstick effect. If you want to up your lipstick game therefore- this is definitely a product you should be trying.




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