5 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow!!

Innovations Haha, It makes us excited what’s new will be changing our tomorrow. Today in this Competitive world every hour there are new innovations going on. Some new Innovations that happened which excites us were ‘Alexa’ innovated by ‘Amazon’.One more was ’Sophia’ the first robot to receive citizenship by ‘Saudi Arabia’. Excited!! Enough to know the innovations that will change your tomorrow. So We’ve got 5 Innovations that will definitely change your tomorrow and will keep you exciting. Innovation

1: Reduce, Reuse and Masticate

This innovation is very much Interesting. As it is the problem of the whole world. It’s a matter to think how much food packaging is there in our kitchens such as Juice Containers, Water Bottles, Ice-Cream containers and many more. But what if you can eat them all? Yes, you are right this Innovation will help you to Masticate the wrapper also. Don’t Judge Eeu!! How can one eat the wrapper also? Yes, there is an innovation done by Harvard bioengineer named David Edwards. He has devised a way to convert foods into shell-like containers and films that he calls Wikicells. You could wash and eat that packaging or wrapper like the skin of an apple. Yogurt will be encased in a strawberry pouch. Combinations will be tried such as Yogurt and Ice-Cream and many more to come!! Innovation

2: Robotic Pets

Most of us must be fond of having pets but sometimes its difficult to have pets as we have to look after them, time to time food should be given to them or if we want to plan a trip we have to think twice where to keep our pets. Friends now robotic pets will be the solution to this problem. It will behave as a real cat or dog. The Researchers at the University of British Columbia has developed something called ‘Smart Fur’.It’s weird in looking but its sensors allow to mimic the animals such as dogs or cats reaction. Innovation

3: Thinking Teeth

Thinking Teeth?? Now, what’s that you must be wondering. Yes, Imagine your teeth must be notifying your dentist on the occurrence of Bacteria. Scientists at Princeton and Tufts are working on a superthin sensor(a kind of temporary tattoo on your teeth).I t can give an alert if it detects a bacteria, cavity or infection. You must be thinking how can a sensor last for long on a well-brushed and flossed tooth. The Project leader Michael McAlpine says that sensors will be inexpensive enough that it can be replaced daily. Interesting Innovation

4: Mind Reading Shopping Cart

As the name suggest Mind Reading Shopping Cart will reading your mind i.e. what you want to purchase. To start it up you can text message the carts built into a tablet. Now it will know, who you are and what you need for dinner. Generally, we have a problem with taking too many things but our budget is limited, so it will also restrict you to put the items in the cart which is not on your list. One more advantage will be you need not stand in the checkout line for payment you can automatically pay through your carts tablet. This great Invention began in February at Chaotic Moon Labs one of the best inventions for ladiees…. Innovation

5: A new FireFighter

Now, according to Defence Advanced Research Project at Pentagon people won’t have to wait for the fire brigade. As they have developed a hand-held wand that snuffs out fire. Dr. Goodman, the program manager explained that the technology could be used to create or escape routes or extinguish the fire without damaging sensitive equipment.

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