To improve your marketing campaign, one of the finest ways to do so is the use of video content. Video marketing is the most dominant and influential marketing tool running right now, because it is taking the marketing campaigns ahead and progressing. But the thing here to note is that not all types of video work in great ways, you must learn how to use the correct video in effective ways. Video marketing strategies should always consider the video content at their center point. Video marketing is so quickly becoming an important and crucial part of brand’s marketing strategy.

A video marketing strategy is basically a creation and lengthening of your brand in the form of a video. For this you must organize and associate a video loudly into every condition in your marketing strategy. It also requires pre-planning, so that everything remains connected and follow a successful path that would reflect the brand properly. Let us take the most important and successful aspects in preparing video marketing strategies-

  1. Research– Research work might never totally get completed when it comes to video content for making marketing strategies. Even when you have a good base of contents, you still have to continuously look at your crowd and your listeners, industry trends and customers to produce good quality video content.

But if you have a really efficient marketing strategy, then your half of the task is completed. You must have to first consider the type of content which you need to deliver to your audience and then select the styles and trends which will suitably matches while representing your company to audience.

  1. Plan– This step requires you to represent what you have learnt from the above stage to apply in to your video. Your videos should display your video to manage, outline the topics fully and types which you have to tackle down. For example, if you have a business to costumer software company, then you must split your video in sections like- Support, FAQs, etc. and these videos should be so instructive and understandable, that your customers should help themselves by watching the video and this may ultimately lessen the workload of customer service branch.

  1. Produce- After you have created a plan in its place to present to the audience, then you are required to know who will create that excellent video for you, it may be you or your team, it may be an agency or the production company, or it may be some influencers and bloggers who can create one for your company.
  2. Build- Building stage has proved to be the most important stage in business marketing strategies. After all the above stage completion, of doing research work for your video content, planning your video contents and creating them, it requires making people to watch it now. For this, you must have a specific strategic promotion. Now you have to share and circulate your videos everywhere, via means of social media, company’s website, e-mails and some video platforms. For small scale business, the company’s employers can also do the sharing and circulation of the videos on their personal means. You can mention and provide a link for your video in some corporate blogs, which people are often, engaged in reading and watching.

The smart ways of creating a video marketing strategy is just as important as sustaining the one at its first place. Always look for new ideas and outlooks that can add new advantages to the company. Business owners and marketers should not forget that, if they are not planning a convincing and powerful piece of resources to your 2018 marketing plan and strategy, then you are sure to miss out the most effective ways to get engage with your consumers/audiences/customers online. But I have still came across many marketers and business owners who are aware of the benefits and the advantages of video marketing strategy, still are in fear about certain matters like, how to get it started, what would be the total estimated budget in it and what types of videos would be beneficial for their business and marketing campaigns. To deal with such problem, let’s have a look to some of the problem solving ways that might prove true for arising of such argues-

  1. Look for ways to share your stories and videos– Companies who lacks strong and interesting stories to convey, may lack the interest of audience. It doesn’t matter what kind of company you are running, the thing is that you must have always have a compelling stories to tell. Telling stories through videos can no doubt will totally civilize and refine of your brand, your company and your business image and reputation.
  2. Own your compartment– This way you can make improvement in your existing videos on YouTube. You have to spare some time and see your videos and think what you can change in them in your industry. Add more new and creative things which can catch audience attraction and interest.
  3. Plan your work, increase your time limit and resources- One thing that many marketers and business owners lacks in understanding that, videos will not cost them a specific amount per unit like the physical products does. By finding out some big plan for video, you can surely make advantage for your business.
  4. Expand your video’s content- You have to always make effort in creating videos in some short span for not more than 2 to 3 days, because one video at a time will not do wonders for you. You always have to introduce different videos with new ideas, offers, plans to catch audience interest and giving your ultimate results.
  5. Rise your costing for the video- You should increase you budget plan every year, the current year’s budget plan should be higher than the previous year’s one. Spend efficient money as demanding and introduce more videos in your websites or replace the old one with the new ones.


Now let me take you to the biggest trends in Video marketing, which is going to be a hit in 2018. The first and foremost one is Livestreaming, I said to grow on larger scale in 2018. Around 82% of the total users around, everybody like to more prefer live videos over other types of social posts. It also includes the short video content on Instagram and Snapchat. The feature of both reading and hearing would be a plus point in it. Tell me tell you the trends in certain points-

  1. Video content marketing will become original and personal.
  2. Live video on social media and channels will become more important to content strategies.
  3. There will be a rise in social media advertisements and campaigns being done due to a really increase in demands.
  4. Short time period live videos will also gain popularity.
  5. The raise in mobile development and use will become the new standard for video content this year.
  6. The video content which will consume data in bytes will be increased in use.
  7. Square shaped videos will gained more popularity than other shaped videos.
  8. Video will be a part of the conversation channel for people, in which they can share anything by talking, seeing, etc.

  1. Video will be acting as a useful tool for training purposes, either internally in industries or outside.
  2. Mobile videos with social networking will be too high in trend this year. Like we always will carry a video camera with self and we can use it anytime to share something.
  3. Video will give your company and your brand and business credibility and reliability.
  4. Too many platforms are there nowadays where we can watch videos, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Music.ly, Verizon, etc.

Now let me tell you the top 3 types of Video Marketing campaigns for 2018-

  1. Product and Services Videos– Around 50% of the marketers and business owners use product and services videos and campaigning for them through video marketing strategies. This video is created to focus on specific product and services offering by the company. These types of videos focus more on benefits of some products or services and their selling points. You should keep these kinds of videos for around 2 to 3 minutes and then share them around different social media and company’s website.
  2. Testimony videos of customers– If you are engaging in capturing the videos or testimonies of customers, this might open your chances for future customers. This video marketing strategy is also used by around 50% of the business owners. This ways a relationship get created between the viewer and the company, based on trust being generated.

  1. Event Recap showing Videos-Event recap videos acts a super way to share an experience and event related with the business. Event recap videos features on the main aspects of the event, what was main purpose of the videos and you should ad d some interesting features showing the event which will make people to have interest while watching it. These types of videos should be posted on social media sites for more people involved in watching it and this will make your business more popular and appearance in the future.

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