10 Super Food You Were Unaware About

There is no scientifically defined description of a superfood, but it’s commonly believed that superfood contains high levels of much-needed vitamins and minerals. They are also a source of antioxidants and other substances that safeguard our body from cell damage and several diseases. These foods also aid in shedding a few extra pounds when it comes time for bikini season. These foods can help you attain a healthier body and mind, avoid chronic diseases, and improve the way you feel about your body and your health. Collectively with regular exercise and a balanced diet, consuming some of these superfoods into your meals can help to improve many different facets of your health.



This spice is not only good for flavoring up your coffee or your dessert. This spice also has some massive health benefits, like keeping sugar level in control, fighting inflammation, killing bacteria etc. Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and has been renowned for lowering the blood sugar and cholesterol, helping in improving nausea and symptoms of PMS.

Chia seeds

These nutrient-rich seeds, known as chia seeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, and fiber. People who do not eat a lot of fish, for them it’s a great way to get plant-based omega-3s in their deaths. These seeds have an amazing crunch, taste, and nutty flavor.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are loved for their wonderful taste, and these are also high in vitamins and minerals and offers essential benefits to you and your health. These nourishing vegetables are high in potassium, vitamin C and manganese and vitamin A. Consuming a cup of cooked sweet potatoes will suffice almost 75% of your daily vitamin A requirement.

Raw Milk

Raw milk is filled with vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A and has probiotics that can help boost the good bacteria in your body and promote better digestion and enhanced immunity.


Almonds are one of the most nutrient-rich nuts and are among the best non-dairy sources of calcium that provides more calcium per serving than any other nut, and are enriched with vitamin E and protein.

Flax seeds

Flaxseed is laden with healthy omega-3 fatty acids that help to reduce inflammation enhances brain function and possibly protects the body against cancer and diabetes. Each serving of these seeds is also packed with protein, fibre, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus.


Coconut and coconut oil both are high in triglycerides, which is a type of advantageous fatty acid that helps to keep your gut healthy due to its anti-oxidant properties and is easy to burn and produces immediate energy.

Black garlic

The black bulb of garlic is created by fermentation of raw garlic through long exposure to humidity and heat, providing it with a smooth flavour and black colour. Black garlic is filled with probiotic and sulfuric compounds that keep your heart healthy and helps to fight off cancer.

Cocoa Powder

Comprising lesser than 15 calories in each tablespoon and almost no fat, cocoa provides strong chocolate flavour to food. Cocoa powder comprises of flavonoids, which are well-known for their properties that lower blood pressure and enhances blood flow to the brain and heart.


Avocado is a fruit packed with monounsaturated fats, folate, vitamin K and vitamin C and has more potassium than a banana which are all very good for the heart. Consuming this buttery fruit as a salad, or a spread is very beneficial for the body in every way.


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