Tiny Heaven Of India- SIKKIM

Have you ever been to heaven? If no, just visit Sikkim! The unnoticed heaven of India. Having China in the north, Bhutan in the east and Nepal in the west, it exists as a fence protecting our country. It is the second smallest and is one of the least populous states, but it shines with pride as the cleanest state of India. It also serves as a place of monasteries. Its economy depends on agriculture and tourism.

I was really surprised to see a notice board, indicating that the people will be fined in the event of throwing wastes in the ditch. It is really amazing! The history of Sikkim dates back to the periods of Lepchas who are considered to be the first inhabitants. This state also has an interesting history during the British rule. This state was the core reason for the Gurkha War of 1814 between  Nepal and the British.

It is a hilly region chaining the Himalayas. The Kanchenjunga, the highest point of Sikkim is the world’s third highest peak. It is astonishing that the sun rises around 4.30am during the summer. The average temperature is noted as 18degree Celsius. It also has a wide flora and fauna diversity.

The Kanchenjunga appears like a golden mountain during the sunrise. Coming to the transport as of the survey of 2015, Bagdogra Airport of  West Bengal is functioning.T he roads of Sikkim ends at the Nathula mountain pass. One of the NITs is present in Sikkim. The state is aiming to eradicate ‘beggary’ in the state.

Few of the famous tourist spots are as follows:

1.Tsamgo Lake:

This frozen lake during winter is one of the main tourist attractions of Sikkim. It is amazing that it changes color due to the nature of the soil during seasons.

2.Nathula Pass:

Seeing China and India at a view in the extreme snowfall is as pleasant as seeing a rainbow in the desert. But rainbow in the desert!! Isn’t it strange! But Nathula pass does the job by serving as the Indian-Chinese border.

3.Lachen Leuhang Yumthang valley:

Pure water running midst the pebbles and snow mountains around it! What a feeling! This valley serves the job!

Hence, Sikkim is considered as the hidden heaven of India.


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