Whenever somebody asks us about our favorite beverage, our immediate answer is tea. This is the case with most of the people in India. Tea has become the trend on the internet as well. Be it some video of aunty asking people to drink tea or any other meme, everything has gone viral. But have you ever wondered about its adverse effect? You didn’t. Drinking one cup of tea daily is healthy as it boosts our energy and provides others benefits too but drinking in excess can become dangerous if an individual continues this habit in the long run. Let us see what the harmful effects of drinking tea are.




Due to the presence of caffeine in tea, it can affect our mental health. It can create anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia.


This is the problem to which most of the people can relate. The caffeine in tea makes us addictive. When the daily quota of drinking 3-4 cups of tea is not fulfilled for some people, they become irritated, lethargic and their energy levels also go down.


Excess consumption of caffeine decreases absorption capabilities and hence our body feels dehydrated.

Calorie intake

As we often mix sugar while making tea, our body intakes more calorie than what ideally is required. This can cause many problems such as fat problem etc.


 Consumption of too much tea can cause bloating problems as well. Bloating is its common side effect.

Anything consumed in an excess amount has detrimental effects. Drinking a moderate amount of freshly brewed tea can be really beneficial as stated before. Drink prudently and enjoy your healthy life.


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