People all around the world travel to immerse themselves in different cultures, explore the unknown and experiment with all sorts of cuisines. This broadens their vision and perspective of life. The knowledge and exposure acquired while visiting a place is unlike anything compared to our work in our day to day lives. In the recent generations, city life has become so monotonous that everyone is waiting to find an escape from all of it. One such breath-taking escapes is to the country of Greece lying against the coastline of the magnificent Mediterranean waters. Surrounded by rugged mountains and a large number of islands, it is truly an epitome of natural beauty.

A vast stretch of white painted domes resting against the deep blue sky is a perfect description for this beautiful country. Greece is extremely rich in its culture and heritage and all of this can be witnessed by visiting the city of Athens. A very major tourist attraction here is The Acropolis which is an ancient citadel comprising of buildings of historical significance. The most famous architecture lying in this citadel is The Parthenon. The origin of the Olympic games also took rise in this very setting. Being home to such deep historical roots, there are various museums across the city showcasing its rich history and glory to the rest of the world.

While exploring the Greek streets, tasting the local Mediterranean cuisine is a must. Ranging from dishes made using olive oil, cheese, lemon and herbs to famous desserts made with help of the honey, nuts, fruits and filo pastry- this cuisine covers a wide palette of taste and it is absolutely perfect for foodies planning on exploring these exciting and new flavors. Travelers can experience the different tastes of meat by experimenting with two very famous dishes-Gyros and Souvlaki. A myriad of flavors wrapped in the famous pita bread is the absolute incarnation of bliss. Greek flavors are very diverse in taste and this cuisine is highly loved by people from all over the world.

After experiencing the rapid Greek city life along with history at its peak, it’s now time to shift to the beautiful islands lying along the blue coastline. With strong winds and white houses lying along the slopes, lies the beautiful island of Santorini amidst the Aegean Sea. The island is easily accessible via ferries leaving very frequently from Athens. The scenic beauty is absolutely exhilarating and the presence of the volcano, Caldera makes it a more popular tourist destination. Walking along the streets, visiting all the tiny shops full off exception handicrafts is a truly wonderful experience. The combination of black sand beaches, small hills and the blue ocean makes Santorini a wholesome experience.


Greece is a perfect mixture of history, culture and food making it one of the best tourist destinations in the world. It is a perfect getaway for a vacation, so escape the ordinary and visit Greece.


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