Drink this for a Healthy Stomach

Journey to one’s heart is often routed via stomach. With the aroma of spices, mouth-watering curry and exotic recipes, Indian food knows the best route possible. Those tasty paranthas, finger licking butter chicken or tantalising sweets may overwhelm your heart, but your stomach has a tough time digesting such ambrosial food. These foods are highly acidic in nature and our pitiable stomach is left with no choice but to suffer. It is scientifically proven that our body loves to be alkaline inside. Unfortunately the food we generally consume is too acidic to be loved by our body. Here comes alkaline water to our rescue.

Alkaline water is not different than the normal water we use. The normal water that we drink is neutral (having pH level equal to 7). But alkaline water, as the name suggests is mildly basic in nature and has pH level greater than 7 (around 7.8-8). pH scale is a measure to identify the acidity or basicity of anything. A pH level less than 7 indicates acidic nature while greater than 7 indicates basic nature. Our stomach secretes acid to digest food. Excess consumption of acidic food increases secretion and stimulation of acid in our body which causes nasty conditions like acidity, heart burning, lethargy and increased blood pressure. Alkaline water helps in maintaining right pH level of our stomach and acts as an ally for it. It helps in making digestion simpler. It not only regulates our body’s pH level but also increases energy levels, immune system support and helps in curing various gastrointestinal diseases. It also makes our body hydrated and keeps the skin fresh due to its anti- ageing properties. Drinking a glass of water one hour before and after your meal helps tremendously. Taking a glass of water while going to bed is not a bad option as well.

Guess what, you can make this water naturally at your own home. There is no rocket science involved in making alkaline water- All you have to do is to put few slices of cucumber and lemon in a pitcher and leave it overnight. A few leaves of mint can be added to improve the flavour. Although alkaline water ROs are available in the market today, but artificially made water may cause nausea and muscle twitching. It is best to consume natural and homemade alkaline water with no side effects. Also it is money wise to DIY naturally, rather than spending a part of your pocket on ROs.

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