Vitamin A from Daily Food Items

Vitamins are vital for the proper functioning of our bodies, however moreoften than not a secondary vitamin supplement is a very bad idea. Vitamin supplements can cause a whole range of diseases, which is why it is always more advisable to naturally consume edibles that are rich in vitamins.

Vitamin A is also vital to the heart, lungs and kidneys. It is not always easy to maintain a diet that has perfect balances of all vitamins and minerals we should be consuming but by adding a few key elements to your daily diet you can rest assured that your vitamin needs are being sufficiently met.

Below mentioned are a few daily food items which are naturally rich invitamin A. When you add these basic, simple ingredients to your regular meal, you don’t have to worry about vitamin A supplements every again.

The IU is an International Unit, usually used to measure fat soluble vitamins. A daily intake of 5000 IU is recommended by doctors and dietitians.

CARROTS-Carrots are one of the most vitamin A-rich naturally occurring substances. It has as much as 12028 IU of vitamin A, which is probably twice the recommended amount. In fruits and vegetables, the vitamin A is inserted as beta carotene- and that is converted in the body as and when it is required. So chop one carrot up with your regular lunch, add them to curries and of course have them raw sometimes- it goes with everything.

SPINACH-Spinach wasn’t the staple diet of our childhood cartoon for nothing. It is one of those rare vegetables that have a whole range of nutritional value which makes it so incredible for regular intake. If you love fresh spinach in salads, like it boiled or cooked with cottage cheese and chillies; regular spinach intake gives you 2813 IU per generous handful. Try keeping it on the menu atleast thrice a week to give your body a good ol’ vitamin A boost.

SWEET POTATO- Sweet Potato is one of those amazing gifts from mother nature that you will never get tired of. You could literally add it to any regular dish to make a spin-off and it is a healthier alternative to traditional potatoes. However, if it is one this list it also means that
they are amazingly rich in vitamins- and they are. A single sweet potato gives you as much as 18869 IU of Vitamin A.

GRAPEFRUIT- Some of us though don’t have the time to tailor our regular meals to get that vitamin requirement, in which case you can always grab a refreshing grape fruit to you’re your daily doze of vitamins A. The pink or red variety contains as much as 2830 IU per fruit, and isn’t so bad as a quick healthy snack either. Craving something refreshing? Reach for a grapefruit.

PISTACHIOS- We all love our nuts, and while cashews and walnuts are bound to make you a little bit fat, pistachios contain a whole lot of vitamin A which makes it a wonderful snack to chew on during your break. But seriously, pistachios have so many health benefits they make other nuts go green with envyMANGOIt is summer, and who doesn’t like a sweet, indulgent fruit like mangoes? They are a treat and while most people discourage mangoes because of its high sugar content- they also contain 2626 IU of Vitamin A. That is a lot of vitamins in a fruit that is considered ‘unhealthy.’ So, if it is your cheat day, go grab that mango and enjoy it without an ounce of guilt.


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