Call it nature’s craft or a coincidence. Or psychology, which says that similar shapes and patterns have similar purpose. There are some foods that benefit and boost up the organs they look like
Let’s have a look at the list of literally sing and ring in to the lyrics ‘ I am in love with the shape of you ‘

1. Improve and Increase your memory with Almonds

One of the important memory centres in our brain, is Amygdala. The name itself means almond. Remembering things, by relating them with an emotion or a meaning is how Amygdala helps us. For instance, it will be hard for you to recall what you wore last Friday, but the dress you wore in the last friday party will immediately come up on your tongue. Almonds increase the retentive power of brain.So now you know why your mom always insist on doodh-badaam.

2. Tighten your brain’s bolts and nuts, with walnut

Next time you have a walnut, just put it next to the image of brain, either in your text book or cellphone and see for yourself. it’s like holding a miniature brain in your hand. The walnut exactly portrays the lobes and fissures, along with a demarcation of the left and right brain. The nutritional value of walnuts is as perfect as it’s appearance. It contains omega 3 fatty acids, which is an important constituent of every brain food.Do not forget to nurture and nourish the remarkable organ of your brain with walnuts.

3. Assist the cleaning machine of your body, with kidney beans

Kidney beans are exactly true to their name, both in appearance and activitiy. They assist the cleansing function of kidney. Rich in natural antioxidants and detoxifiers, they remove harmful free radicals and minerals. It is important that they are taken in right amount and with right cooking, for their full benefit.

4. For the stomach, garlic does the trick

A clove of garlic is characteristically J shaped, like the stomach. It has been often called the wonder drug.

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