What Does Travelling Mean to you?

Travel: The term travel originates from the old French word ‘travail’ , which means ‘work’. It means movement of people from one location to another which can be done by foot, bicycle, automobiles, train, bus , plain and many more. 

Purpose of travel: Reasons for travel include tourism, research, visiting people, migration, business, trade, religious pilgrimages, and other reasons such as to obtain health care and so on. Travelling may use human-powered transport such as walking or bicycle, or vehicles such as public transport like bus, train, train, and private vehicles also.

There are different motives for travel which includes:

*Pleasure: Pleasure travel means travelling for self pleasure with or without family which includes short stay.

*Relaxation: Relaxation travel means to travel to relax our mind and soul which includes travelling to hill stations or ashrams and much more.

*Discovery and Exploration: This includes travel for discovering new places and in search of historic or to explore new places or to explore places where humans have not yet been to and to explore new resourceful places.

*Know about other cultures: Travelling for cultural knowledge includes travelling to some forests and there places where we would get to know about other cultures their tradition, their lifestyle, their eating habits, and much more.

*Personal time: Evry human being needs personal time to freshen our minds and to reboot our brain which is best by travelling to places of our choice without anybody’s company with us and this would freshen our mind and inspire us to reach high goals.

History of travel: In early days travel tended to be slower, more dangerous, and dominated by trade and migration. With advancing technology over many years travel has become easier and more accessible. Mankind kind in present time has come long way in transport since Christopher Columbus sailed from spain, a travel which took about 10 weeks to complete and arrive to the final destination. But in present time the same travel we can complete by overnight.

In early times people travelled in bullock karts or by walking which would take days or months or even years to resch the destination and with growing technology and humans want to explore and to achieve they made planes, buses and much more which has made human travel much easier and which takes hardly overnights and hours which is very less time than in early stages.

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